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External Battery
Packs Li-Ion & NiMh

High performance mobile batteries , designed and make-to-order to meet your needs. Li-Ion & NiMh polymer batteries. Explore the models, options, and configurations.
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Li-Ion Batteries
for Laptops & Tablets

All our products are certified and are available in different cell types: Generic, LG or Samsung.
Quality Certificates: FCC, MSDS, ROHS, PSE & CE Available
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Power Adapters
for Laptops & Tablets

Our Power Adapters, have the best quality of conductive copper to ensure a constant and safe output, premium circuitry in soldering ensures safety, as well as filament plastic to increase insulation by 12% of normal power adapters.
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Products Information Update

June 27, 2016
ThinkPad Lenovo 42T4690 – T400S,T410S
June 27, 2016
FE06 – Probook 5220m
June 20, 2016
FE06 – Probook 5220m
June 20, 2016
A42-G75 – G75 Series, G75V Series

Events & Exhibition

HKTDC Lifestyle Expo Dubai 2016

Venue: TBC Booth#:TBC Read More

HKTDC India Lifestyle Side Mission

Venue: MumbaI & Delhi #TBC Read More

HK Electronics Fair 2016 (Autumn Edition)

Venue:Hong Kong Convention Centre Booth#:TBC Read More

Introducing Wireless
Charging Devices

We have cooperated with a leading manufacturer for QI (Chee), which is the technology for interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers. Our new chargers are ready for mass production. Learn More..

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Partnered with:

Contract Factories

This means we have contracts for our own products with the manufacturers. We have total control on what is produced, therefore offering a wide range of products for laptop batteries, tablet batteries, power banks and customized power packs.


Our company is based in Hong Kong, with an excellent consulting and sales team. We recently opened a new support office for procurement in Shenzhen which is connected to the different factories and a sales office in Berlin.


Warranty for our products, with a low defect rate of 2% for lithium-Ion batteries and below 1.5% for Adapters, this means we can offer a great quality and flexibility in returns.